Republican firing Squad!

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I can see the cartoon in my mind. Obama care in the center with a circle of Republicans in a large circle around Obama care. All taking careful aim so as not to miss. Aiming at the person to the left around the circle – Not Obama care. Subtitle reads “Republican firing squad”.
A mission that was domed to failure from the start because Republicans do not have enough votes. Now they will have less votes. Instead of chipping away and building strength over the next years they chose to fall prey to slogans and unrealistic desires from the Tea Parties.
The desires were good and true. The self control necessary to accomplish the task is not present in the Tea Parties. That lack of self control and some pandering politicians domed the effort to failure before it ever started.
The Affordable Care Act has major problems that must be changed. Even unions agree on that. That is where the fight should be. Chip away. Make it about affordable health care not Obama care.
Debt ceiling? Raise the ceiling while setting the ceiling lower for future years. Establish a reduction of 5% every 3rd year for 12 years. It is time to start tapping the breaks on run away debt. Like a car on ice and snow slowly apply the breaks. Slamming the breaks only leads to a crash. Ain’t quick, Ain’t sexy. But, it is the only way to stop. The only way to stop raising the limit a hundred more times.

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