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Rush Limbaugh proposes mental health background checks for members of the press

February 20, 2013

Topics: Gun laws, Media, Rush Limbaugh

Guests: Armstrong Williams, Sam Seder

Armstrong Williams and Sam Seder join “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar to discuss whether Rush Limbaugh is still in control of the GOP. They also address Limbaugh’s latest “idea” — to make journalists get mental health background checks.

Is the love gone? John McCain gets an earful at a town hall meeting

February 20, 2013

Topics: Immigration, John McCain, Social Security

Guests: Armstrong Williams, Rebecca Dana, Sam Seder

“Say Anything!” host Joy Behar, Sam Seder, Armstrong Williams and Rebecca Dana analyze John McCain’s recent town hall spat, in which an angry citizen confronted him over his stance on immigration.

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