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The Dr. Martin Luther King family is a major part of our national history, and slander is a necessarily public injustice. Undoing this injustice must in turn be public.

​Columnist George E. Curry has published an article called “Greedy King Children At it Again,” which is nothing more than a hit piece. In the column, Curry alleges that the King family charges people for use of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

​Dr. Bernice King has made it clear to me emphatically that no school was ever charged a royalty nor was any school ever sued for using that speech. “In reviewing the past records and files I have never seen any indication that such events happened before.”Whereas Dr. King had a dream, now his children have a nightmare.

It was not the King children who established royalty rights in all of Dr. King’s work. This was done specifically by Dr. and Mrs. King for the benefit of their children. Furthermore, this is only for the commercialization and profit off of the work of Dr. King. And isn’t that entirely reasonable? The King family is not charging people for, say, educational usage of their father.

For Mr. Curry to spread the falsehood that the King family is charging schools for the “I Have a Dream”speech is not only wrong, but hurtful, embarrassing to these good people. I

Armstrong Williams

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