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I was intrigue with the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins University, Dr. Ben Carson’s perspective on Tithing and our tax system during his recent address at the National Prayer Breakfast..

The reason that tithing is such a fair way to tax people is because it’s proportional. As soon as you move away from proportional taxing, ideology takes over. As a result ideology is quite frankly arbitrary and depends upon the flavor of the month. A growing number of people seriously think that the rich should pay more, while some feel they should pay less. When you introduce the tithing concepts of proportionality all of those arguments disappear immediately. One could legitimately make the argument that if the top one percent pay 37% of the income taxes and the top 5% pay 59%, this clearly demonstrates their tax base should be lower. The top 5% don’t make 59% of the income and yet they pay 59% of the taxes. Therefore it is simple and fair to make the argument that they are being over tax. One could delve into all types of arguments depending on their ideology and that is why simplification is the only true and fair solution.

Tithing represents 10% of one’s increase . A proportional tax system does not have to reside at 10%. It can be higher or lower depending on the needs of the government. Because it would be applied proportionally to the entire population, the government would be unlikely to raise taxes to a very high level, for it would effect everyone and not just a small group of voters. This is a clear advantage of a proportional tax rate where everyone participates. Again a logical analysis of a system where 50% of the people pay no income taxes, but are allowed to vote to make the other people pay more taxes, makes absolutely no sense. If one goes back and analyze not only tithing but many of the principles advocated in the Bible, I think they can rediscover what true fairness is.

I also strongly encourage you to read more about Dr. Ben Carson, especially his latest NY Times best selling book “America the Beautiful”.

Armstrong Williams

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