Term Limits on Ignorance

When the framers of our Constitution and the founders of our nation put the structure of government together they included term limits. Those limits however were to be imposed by the electorate and they stated that our system of government could only function with a well informed and intelligent populace. This would make it quite easy to remove people from office who were not effective. What our founders could not imagine is our current situation where the populous was so uninformed, that many couldn’t tell you who their representatives were. Also in today’s America an overwhelming number of voters are un aware of the views of their representative. In fact things have deteriorated to the point that when many voters enter the voting booth, they only identify with names that are familiar to them or whether the candidate is Republican or Democrat. Some are clueless about the opinions of the person whom they’re voting for, especially on issues that are of critical importance to them. It seems that the emphasis should not be on term limits but rather on limits of ignorance.

Ultimatley what we must do to change this drastic course of elections is to eliminate ignorance from our culture.

Armstrong Williams

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