One size does not fit all

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Some states have suggested that welfare benefits be tied to the academic performance of school age children. On the surface this sounds like a very good idea, for it make parents more responsible in terms of getting the children to school and monitoring their performances. However one must consider that some parents are completely devoid of reason due to alcoholism, drug addiction, or personality disorders. So is it fair to make the entire family suffer because of such individuals? Additionally some children are not intellectually gifted. They have a difficult time barely managing any type of adequate academic performance. Fortunately such children are few and far between but they do exist. Therefore if one were to implement such a program it could only be done after interviewing and assessing each family individually.

This conversation illustrates the serious problems with cookie cutter solutions. We must learn how to use computer technology and many other sources of information gathering to craft policies that work for diverse societies. Otherwise we will continually develop policies that generally want work in the long run.

Armstrong Williams

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