More Cliff Diving to come

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Now that Leadership has averted the much talked about fiscal cliff , which was never the threat that it was purported to be. Rather it provided a wonderful opportunity for the do nothing Senate to craft legislation that supports the president’s agenda of wealth redistribution. An honest analysis of the bill makes it clear that it really doesn’t address the fundamental problems of massive federal deficits as far as the eye can see. In fact over the next 10 years it increases the national debt by 4 trillion dollars. Everyone has become so numb to the concept of debt that they no longer care, which is exactly what happened in Greece. What will it take to awaken us from our slumber and quickly recognize that we can’t continue spending like drunk sailors with no consequences ? The GOP can’t simply blame the Democrats because they have the ability to assist on passing meaningful legislation that would cut the deficit and they didn’t do so. Furthermore, Congress will never tackle this problem for this simple fact that they are more concerned about who will be blamed, rather than finally addressing the serious problem. Only an out cry by we the people will give them the courage to act forcefully and substantively.

Armstrong Williams

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