Media’s contribution to the degeneration of society.

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Many have noted that are our society is in decline. Many, including President Obama bristle at that notion, but an honest appraisal of the situation would certainly demonstrate otherwise. There was a time when every program that ended on TV, was punctuated by the seal of good practice. This meant that there was uplifting and moral content in the programming. That disappeared decades ago. There is no longer any attempt to elevate the thinking of American society. In fact the media seems engaged in an attempt to neutralize morality and to impose “Hollywood Morality”. In Hollywood it is quite acceptable to swap wives, have multiple marriage partners, and multiple sexual partners outside of marriage. Drug culture is glorified. Excessive spending is idolized by that group, while demonizing the same spending by the Wall Street crowd. Unfortunately the Main stream news media has joined in with the entertainment media to destroy the moral fiber of our nation. They are however doing it unwittingly simply desiring to be popular and failing to realize the destructive nature of their folly.

It is not however too late for reclaiming the tenants of faith and morality that propelled this nation to the pinnacle of success in record time. It is not too late in fact to be one nation under God. Unfortunately unless we have appropriate leadership this will not occur and we will continue the inexorably decline has characterized every other pinnacle nation before us.

Armstrong Williams

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