The new American grown terrorist

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In many schools today religion is non existent. In our homes violent video games consume our children and we are in denial that it’s not having an enormous impact. There is a clear lack of parental guidance and respect in the home .

Parents let alone can’t punish there children and in NY parents can be arrested for verbally challenging there kids.

This new era of dumbing down the American family has created such a vacuum. It is now that we are beginning to see the consequences that has resulted from this abandoning of morality, discipline, and common sense.

Do you actually think that rhetoric, more government anti- family policies are going to cure what ails us?

We don’t have to worry about Foreign grown terrorist coming to our country. Our new terrorist are home grown and are our very own teenage and adult children. They kill innocent people in theaters , shopping malls, massacre children , their friends, teachers, and adults in classrooms with out any regards for human life. They kill their parents and any anyone who stands in their way. Without a dou bt parents, teachers, friend and loved ones see the warning signs and yet can’t act until there is a murderous crime scene where the assassin usually in a cowardly manner, kill themselves . The media, Hollywood, hip hop, and the entertainment culture must equally share blame, and not the usual rhetoric of placing the blame with lack of gun control laws.

The media is often Obsessed with black on black crime; lack of a family structure and yet none of these massacres happen in inner city and urban America. You don’t see young black men killing people in the classroom , in shopping malls or movie theaters. These heinous crimes happen in suburban America with a young white male committing the mind boggling atrocities. Why doesn’t the media and there so call experts discuss how these young white males consume the music, violence, Hollywood entertainment culture and perpetrate these unconscionable acts as assassins. If these assassins were black , the conversation would be about why young black male culture is a vicious cycle of terrorism and cold blooded murder.

These crimes were non existent 50 years ago. What has changed in America that the media and there so called experts refuse to bring in the media spotlight?

Armstrong Williams

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