Happy Holidays from the Elder Chicks

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It’s time to say Happy Holidays to all. What does this mean in your family as we look back on Thanksgiving and forward to Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year? Are these holidays bittersweet for many who have faced losses in the past year?

Recently someone wrote a very moving post on our blog www.ElderChicks.com about having endured the loss of family closest to her and now dealing with the serious illness of her daughters. It has taken a very long time, but she has emerged from a very dark period in her life realizing that she is able once again to feel joy, something she feared would never happen again. The cloud of sorrow and despair has finally, actually lifted.

Her experience can help us understand the very real possibility that we can do this too. We can focus on happy memories, on the things we laughed about together, and the joy the missing ones brought into our lives. And we can share these memories with the young people who may never have known them, celebrating their legacy by keeping good memories alive.

Family means so much more than who is here today. Let’s keep those who are gone with us and give the gift of knowing them to our children and grandchildren.

Happy Holidays!

Thelma Reese at rightsidewire.com

Thelma Reese. Ed. D.

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