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Trayvon Martin set out for a walk to the neighborhood store in a quiet Florida community to purchase candy and a beverage, but little did he know that it would be his last meal. What should have been an innocent walk turned out to be a deadly encounter with a “self-appointed” neighborhood watchman. Could it have been the hoodie that Trayvon was wearing or could it have been the color of Trayvon’s skin that caused George Zimmerman to defy a 911 operator’s instructions and follow after the unarmed teenager and eventually take his life. Zimmerman claims that it was done in self-defense, yet many Americans believe otherwise.

A teenager is shot dead, however the person who did the shooting remains a free man. Since the February 26 tragedy George Zimmerman has remained free without charges as Trayvon Martin’s family and many others continue to fight for justice and answers. Rallies have been taking place all across the United States as the case of racial profiling has become a major focus of the investigation. These have largely come about as the Sanford, Florida Police Department failed to handle the case in a serious manner, thus causing for the Federal Bureau of Investigations to take over the case. More embarrassing is the fact that its own police chief had to step down from his position for not handling the case accordingly.

Race excluded, do we really live in a society where an armed adult can walk up to an unarmed youth and kill them because of assumptions that he has created in his mind then walk away a free man? Additionally, can an individual appoint them self into the role of “neighborhood watchman” without the consent of the individuals of the community? Lastly, does wearing a hoodie make you a hoodlum?

Ramon G. Griffin at rightsidewire.com

Ramon G. Griffin


  1. hjc4404
    April 18, 2012 at 10:49 am

    1. The evidence the police saw and heard indicated Zimmerman was attacked. Zimmerman did not just walk up and shoot him for wearing a hoodie while black. 2. Zimmerman was not “self appointed” to the neighborhood watch. The community did appoint him. 3. The only reason the FBI is involved is political, which is also the only reason Zimmerman was indicted. 3. Perhaps you could do a little research and look at all perspectives instead of just rehashing the editted for effect pablum from the “mainstream” media. All media have bias. You have to look at multiple sides to begin to see the truth, which is ultimately for a court to decide, not the lynch mob you’re helping to incite.

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