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So in a couple of weeks I scheduled to be part of a panel discussion with some at risk DC youth. Understanding the challenges at risk youth face, it is an honor to have been asked to speak to this group of young people. Not only because it’s an opportunity to serve my community but because an organization thought I had done enough in my life to impact and motivate young people.

Since I had been asked I’ve been racking brain wondering what I would say to deliver a message that would arouse a spirit of independence, leadership, and team work. But with that I understand the challenges of independence and leadership when one wants to do the “right thing”. In some of America’s neighborhoods, going with the group can be the only choice youth may think they have.

We I started to think about the gang or group mentality I realized we have all been part of it at some point in our lives. Every business wants to make YOU part of their group. Good branding is like being “The Good Shepard” and it brings consumers into you “flock”.

A company must convince people it is there to represent the ideals of it consumer’s to survive. If executed properly, that individual is likely to develop trust for that brand. I don’t know to many people that want to do business with “shady” individuals. Branding is top down it starts with a strong leadership that has compassion for the community they are charged with leading. Quality compassionate leadership creates sustainability even when leadership is faced with burden of making difficult decisions.

I want to impress on them that despite the negativity good comes from independence and the development of quality leadership skills. Once those skills are developed a good leader wants to do the right thing and Shepard the people around them to follow suit. Independent thinking is a hallmark of leadership and change and as someone who has done so; there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for listening, it was a huge help, thank you all!

The Conformity Weirdo

The Conformity Weirdo

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