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Five Types of Mr. Rights All Women Should Date That would make Great Mates

Many females are blindly entering into dead end relationships with men who do not value them as women. They go out and about and choose men by the world’s view instead of God’s standards. When the relationship fails and heads down a dark road of sorrow and destruction, then females say, “All Men Are Dogs”. All men are not dogs. As a matter of fact, there are five types of men that would make great husbands, and women should choose these kinds of men if they ever would like to endure an everlasting loving relationship that is led by God.

Five Types of Men Every Woman Should Date

1. Mr. Gospel of Jesus

Mr. Gospel of Jesus is a God fearing Christian man who loves the Lord. He not only lives a life that is pleasing to God, but also he teaches the gospel to everyone in hope to lure many souls for salvation. Mr. Gospel of Jesus knows who he is as a godly man and would follow God’s biblical principles in order to make the woman in his life the mere object of perfection when it comes to having a godly relationship that would last a lifetime. He knows what it is to be faithful and committed in a marriage, and understands that the wedding vows are sacred and should be honored with the utmost respect before the Lord. Mr. Gospel of Jesus also believes that the gospel of the Lord brings a change to life.

2. Mr. Unmarried

I hate to have to point this out but a lot of ladies are in hot pursuit for a married man. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons why women would belittle themselves to settle behind closed doors with someone’s spouse. They do not care whether or not they are disturbing a happy home. The females want what they want and stop at nothing to get it. Marriage is honorable to God and has no room for a mistress. Ladies should not date married men. It does not matter if he is separated from his wife and does not reside in the home. He is still married. A married man has nothing to offer another woman but over loaded baggage and a handful of lies. Take my advice and date Mr. Unmarried because in the long run you would see your bright light shining at the end of your tunnel.

3. Mr. Do Right

Mr. Do Right tries his best to do everything that is right with God guiding his every footstep. He knows that he is not perfect, but with God on his side, he feels as though he can accomplish anything he set forth to do in life. Mr. Do Right is a family man who does not let sin affect his family. He does not bring trouble into his home and allows God to be the leading force. He is the bread winner in the home who provides and supports his family to make sure that they have a stable warm home to sleep in at night and have food to eat. He knows his role as a husband and father and is the head of his household just as Christ is the head of the church. He puts God first and his Christian faith is of greater importance than anything. Mr. Do Right teaches his children about God and how to obey their parents and the laws of the land. He prays with his family daily because he understands that a family that prays together will stay together.

4. Mr. Lover Not A Fighter

Domestic violence issues are rising and there are more ladies dying from the hands of their mates. Mr. Lover Not a Fighter loves and protects his spouse. He does not put his hands on her unless he is caressing her soft skin that makes her feel desirable. Abuse has no place in the family relationship and Mr. Lover Not A Fighter goes great length to show his wife that a real man does not have to express his masculinity by using her body as his punching bag. In Matthew 26: 67-68, Jesus was abused by the people and God protects those who are helpless.

5. Mr. Jealous Free

Without a doubt, jealousy and envy can destroy someone quicker than a slow eaten cancer disease. Envy steals your peace and is a powerful enemy that can cause one to act rashly. Mr. Jealous Free man loves his wife and is not a control freak: not trying to subdue her every move. He knows that every relationship needs space and time away from one another to interact with family members and friends. Mr. Jealous Free feels good about himself and knows who he is as a man; therefore, he has no self- esteem issues that sometimes trigger envy and jealousy within relationships. Mr. Jealous Free does not let the outside world control his home or fill his mind up with chaotic gossip that will truly tear down a happy marriage. He allows God to intervene and to mold his spirit into the man that would make his wife a better husband.

Melissa Diane Hudson

Author, The Female Fool, 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting A Good Christian Man

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