The” CW”: What’s my net worth?

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Have your ever heard the saying, “you’re like the 5 people your around the most?” If you haven’t? Take a moment and think about how you’re influenced by your 5 closest……

And if you think about how it happens? It will happen good or bad, consciously or subconsciously….

Honestly, I realize overtime how much I’ve disregarded the role those around me played in shaping my ideas.

I don’t know about you? But it seems the older people get the more they stop dreaming and believing in the possibilities and star believing all the reasons why not. The value of removing the nonbelievers from your Top 5…..

Personally, I want my Top 5 to consist of rational people, who stay cool under pressure, and they take action despite what others may think. Who wants to spend time wondering if they can trust the decisions and motives of a person? I’m all set…

Think about the actual physical effects of worry, that’s scientific proof we must separate from nonbelievers! Dreams are fragile and doubt is like the pressure that crushes them.

I know separating from negativity is tough, but…

Take a minute and think about the value of support and self-assurance? In my opinion you can’t, their priceless!

Paul Mitchell an entrepreneur in the hair products industry. Have you ever seen the white bottle with the black lettering that says, “Paul Mitchell”? Well, at one point this man was homeless, started his business with something like $600-700, all he could afford was the black and white printing on this bottle. Started with $700 and built an empire. To think about the amount of self-confidence and support he received from others, it’s an awesome thought.

One of the reasons I like this story is it shows how endless the possibilities when one has self-belief and support. Your network increases your net worth. The value of having good people around you goes beyond money. In my personal experience having quality people around me has been true personal investment.

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