Vindication and Trepidation

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Watching the Liberals slowly turning on Obama has been a heartening experience for myself and, I can only assume, many other conservatives. Obama’s tenure has been an illustration of what a lack of experience and very little leadership ability in a leader will get you, catastrophe. His policies have been failures and when he isn’t subjecting us to demagoguery at its finest he busies himself with trying to appease both Democrats and Republicans. He is reminiscent of that classmate one has in primary school desperately wanting to be liked by everyone and as a result is liked by no one.

From the bailout that cost the American taxpayers $800 Billion, to Obamacare stymieing economic growth of small businesses, the backbone of our economy, President Obama’s policies have done nothing but cost us money and future economic security. Every single one of America’s citizens from the poor to the wealthy are forced to look toward the future of this nation with a healthy dose of trepidation. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Further, to have participated and persisted in the dog and pony show that is and was the debt ceiling debate is deplorable, turning something so significant into an adolescent game of chicken while the rest of the world watches in ridicule is inexcusable for Democrats and Republicans. But these are the very instances in which we need a president that can truly lead, one that is willing to take the reigns and make something happen.  Anything.

While I have not, and do not, agree with the policies of our president what I would agree with is his grabbing a hatchet and cutting a path through the forest instead of walking in circles and wearing out the small piece of grass beneath his feet. Even his most ardent liberal supporters have lambasted his lack of passion, fight, and leadership. If that isn’t vindication then I don’t know what is.


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